Power Mantra Bracelet Set - White/Clear - "I MATTER"


Size 1 fits wrists up to 5"- 5.25". Size 2 fits wrists size 5.3' - 6".

Those who know me well, know that I'm super passionate about making children feel safe and seen. (I have another company called theME&MY that's dedicated to this!). But I'm also passionate about kids accessories, so I've merged the two! Our Power bracelets are a set of 2 bracelets - One is a beautiful bracelet with 2-3 color beads. The second is a matching bracelet, but it also has a word. These words act as little mantras for your kids, to give a little encouragement, love, and a little reminder of what You - Mama - want to remind them when you aren't near them: That they're BRAVE, LOVED, KIND, that they MATTER, that they CAN do anything, and when they are feeling a little anxious, they can BREATHE and just LET IT GO.

Care Instructions: Avoid wetting the bracelets.
For Ages 3+ due to small parts.

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