Triple Rose Garden Wrap - Burgundy Velvet


If you haven't noticed yet, our inspiration for so many of our headbands this season came from Disney movies (thank you Walt)! We'll give you three guesses as to which movie this one came from! Beauty and The Beast! Princess Belle would have loved this! If they were to remake the movie (again), we'd suggest that the producers use our "Lonely Roses Headband" for the first part of the movie, and then once the curse is removed, this headband would be perfect!!!

At Project6nyKids, we have a few categories of accessories, such as hard headbands, adjustable wraps, clips, wreaths, bowties and more!

Our adjustable wraps can fit basically all head sizes since they are adjustable, so they are great for baby, toddler, and children with glasses that don't like having a hard headband behind their ears.

Most children begin transitioning to hard headbands at around age 4 or 5. Some great started headbands are the Rosebud, Heather, Floral Crown, and Ava styles as those are lighter weight.

Some of our headbands have rubber end caps and small tags, so for young children please make sure they are supervised when wearing the accessories.

Our clips are great for all ages and many work as bowties as well! If a product is listed as a bowtie, it might actually have an alligator claw clip and therefore, can be used as a hair clip, too!

Our wreaths are mostly found in our wedding collection and are great for most ages. If you are putting a pearl wreath (or any pearl item) on a child under 3, please be sure to watch them carefully.

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