(Pictured: Chaya Rockford, designer of PROJECT6NYKIDS hair accessories with some of her nieces who also model for the company).

Hair accessories (and all things hair!) have been a part of my life since before I can remember. It's how my 4 sisters and I used to celebrate!

When our baby sister was born a month early, we spent that month making different crowns so we could give it to her the minute she came home. (Cool fact: in the image above, the girl on the right in our Glass Princess Headband in Rainbow is our baby sister's daughter).

Holiday Weekends? Us sisters were at it again! We'd pick from the forsythia bushes outside our home and make hair wreaths! (See photo of mini-me)!

In summary, our passion for crowns and headbands has been there since we were itty bitty! And it continues strong, just look at our timeline:


2009: Shaindy Backer (oldest sister!) starts SBNY Accessories
2011: SBNY Accessories worn on the show Gossip Girl
2011: Nordstroms Carries SBNY Accessories
2012: Zulily Carries SBNY Accessories
2014: SBNY becomes PROJECT6NYKIDS with the intention of bringing retail customers high-end hair accessories with affordable pricing.
2016: PROJECT6NYKIDS moves to Florida 2021: PROJECT6NYKIDS sold in boutiques all over the world

Yes, we've been designing and selling accessories for over 10 years! We look forward to the next decade of designing for your littles!


Chaya Rockford