Why We're Starting A Blog

To be honest, starting a blog in 2020 seems like I hopped into a time machine to 2005 and brought my 2020 fancy iMac with me. (Truth: I don't have a 2020 iMac, but that's beside the point). 

Ok, so if starting a blog makes me think of time machines, why am I doing it?

1) Like most things I do, there's always a foundation of some form of love. In this case, it has to do with my big sister Shaindy. I guess now is when I say "I'll tell you much more about that in a later blog post". I'll tell you much more about that in a later blog post. My sister, Shaindy, mom of 5, had some MAJOR life changes recently. She's someone always looking to grow. She just started this super cool Children's Styling Instagram account and since we have a big of a platform here, I have been telling her that I'll start a blog and she can post on it to help her platform grow. Because as I'll tell you later, Project6nykids wouldn't really be here if not for her!

2) I love connecting with you on our @project6nykids Instagram, but Instagram isn't a place where you can share as much detail as you can in a blog post. One of my favorite ways to connect with you on Instagram is helping you match your kids' closets to our hair accessories. It's so much fun for me, and the feedback I receive is that it is so helpful! So I want this blog to be able to help with things like that! It's fun for me, and I hope it will benefit you and your kids!

3) Honestly, it just feels right in this moment. I'm going to try not to put pressure on myself. (I'm good at turning fun things into chores, anyone relate?) So in a way, reason #3 for starting a blog is actually, no reason at all. It just feels like the next right step. Should that be the name of this unnamed blog??? "The Next Right Step"?

Where's an instagram poll when you need it? I guess that's what the comment section is for! Use it, please!! Would love to hear your thoughts on all of this!

Aunty Chaya

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