Blooming Boom!

So, a few weeks ago, I am scrolling through Milk Magazine for Fall Winter 2020 (FW20) when I find this:  

I nearly jumped out of my super comfy office chair with excitement! For those of you who aren't making the connection, our FW2020 collection is called "Blossoming Winter". To be honest, when I am creating and designing, I try to follow my gut and just do what I enjoy but sometimes the doubt creeps in. For example, winter is thought of as cold, frigid, a time when lots of nature dies, plants, flowers, grass, etc. When you think of winter, butterflies and flowers don't come to mind. But, I just knew that that is what I wanted for this winter. It is what felt "right" for Project6nykids. But, I still had that voice of doubt. 

Then, I saw this. And was so excited. I felt validated, it reminded me that I can trust my gut, my inspiration, and my visions. My vision here came from the fact that it felt like we missed a Spring and Summer over coronavirus. It felt like we got two winters. So we needed to blossom and bloom this winter! And we are!!

Of course, I'm grateful to G-d because I know my inspiration really comes from Him! 

Also, can I just say that I love that quote by the French Poet Ronsard? "Gather today the roses of your life...and put them on your clothing".

If you haven't had the opportunity to view our FW20 Collection, I invite you to do so now! If you need some styling tips, comment below or email me at! 

BONUS: Below I included 2 looks created by Shaindy of S.b._Styling. One is a super expensive one and the other is an affordable one! BOTH are high-end styling, that's for sure!


Auntie Chaya


Dress Options:


Hair Accessory Options:
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